Bastard: From medieval Latin bastardus, whose origin, like that of the person it designates, is obscure. According to the Trésor de la langue française, it could come from bast (Bât) “conceived or born on a pack-saddle”. The bât is a device for carrying heavy loads by animals such as the donkey, horse, camel or buffalo, used as beasts of burden.

In the course of collecting traditional stories and songs from the residents of a nursing home, Christophe Le Menn learns by telephone of the death of his paternal grandmother. He was born of unknown parentage and had never met the woman.

Christophe Le Menn takes us on a quest for our origins. From his own Breton culture, with its never-fulfilled quest for traditional songs, to the intimate yet universal quest for his parentage. It’s an artist’s journey and a quasi-initiatory quest for the man himself. From nocturnal wanderings at the EPHAD in Tréguier, Brittany, to those in a dayless snowstorm in the Arctic Circle, Christophe invites us into a tale of self-construction through the prism of that of others.

Writing, design, musical creation, acting – Christophe LE MENN

Direction, dramaturgy – Thomas CLOAREC

Dramaturgy accompaniment – Mai LINCOLN

Artistic collaboration, sound creation, stage management – Gwenole PEAUDECERF

Set design – Nadège RENARD

Breton language adaptation – Gwenola COIC and Christophe LE MENN

Artistic collaboration, music – Tom LECLERC

Artistic collaboration, design – Paul BRIDIER / ONIRI

Artistic collaboration, writing – Milène TOURNIER

Production administration – Tony FORICHEUR

Production diffusion – Marie GUÉTIÈRE

Communication – Aurélie DÉNIEL