Teatr Piba

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  • Region:

    Breizh I Brittany (France)
  • City:

  • Language:

    Brezhoneg - Breton
  • Speakers:

    ca. 200.000
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Teatr Piba in 5 words: multilingual | contemporary | traveller | in situ | transdisciplinary
Photo: Anne-Sophie Zika

Teatr Piba is a company created in 2009 and now based in Brest. Its creation is a continuity of meetings and collaborations of artists whose crossed paths and shared experiences led them to the same desire: a composite, breton and multilingual, contemporary and travelling theatre. 

The company carries out artistic and theatrical creation work that gives great importance in its writing to the place of the least heard voices: the -minorised- languages, the margins, and by the same token, to the question of “diversities” in creation.  By making the question of multilingualism as much a poetic writing issue as a technological one, the company wants to constantly re-invent this space where a fruitful encounter between artists and audiences can be established. 

Since its creation, Teatr Piba has endeavoured to build transnational and/or transdisciplinary cooperation projects that claim the long term, the wanderings, the decentring, the alternatives.

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