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Fíbín, founded in 2003 is now resident in An Taibhdhearc which was founded in 1928 and is the national Irish language theatre of Ireland. Based in breathtaking Connemara, we create theatre that is visually rich, rooted in Irish identity, mythology and language, and always performed with joyful and playful anarchy. We tell stories and Ireland is our stage, creating experiences in places as diverse as beaches, quarries, boats, and piers. 

As well as touring to theatres throughout Ireland and abroad. Our aim is to create theatre to spellbind a broad spectrum of spectators with shared creative language.

How many employees are working in the staff (permanent + freelance)? 6 fulltime + 2 Part time. We have many freelancers working with us. Right now we have 23 between actors, stage crew, dancers, singers, etc

Please describe your theatre in FIVE words. Traditional, Cutting edge, Fun, Energy, Spectacle

What is the biggest challenge your theatre is facing at the moment? Financial – Its not very well supported by Government

Does the theatre have a mission/statement/leitbild/credo? Drama is our language

How many new shows do you produce per year? | Avg 3

How many new shows do you produce per year in your minority language?  3

How often (how many times) do you perform a production for the community of your minority language in average? All our productions are in Irish

Are your theatre performances translated into the majority language or the minority language? Our productions are in Irish 100% but sometimes we use subtitling to English

How big is the cast (actors) for a normal theatre performance in the minority language in your company?  4-7 ( But some shows have had as much as 50 Ppl)

Do you have any experience in working with your community artistically?  We have more recently started to produce with community cast as support to our main professional cast. This has been very much been a credit to our artistic director

Do you offer workshops for children and young people of the minority language? No, not usually, it is something we hope to do but we are very under resourced currently.

Do you have experience in intergenerational work with the minority language community? We have produced outdoor spectacles which would have intergenerational casts.

Do you carry out an artistic evaluation at the end of a production run? Yes – The producer and all HOD’s + director would debrief after each production

Do you carry out regular visitor surveys? Yes more recently- We would carry out via survey monkey, experience, value for money, subtitling, etc.

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