Centro Dramático Galego

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    Santiago de Compostela
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    ca. 2,5 million
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CDG in 5 words: Commited | Open | Contemporary | Creative | Accesible

Centro Dramático Galego it´s the public theatre company that depends on the Goverment of Galicia. Its extensive experience includes around 70 productions and co-productions in just almost 40 years, all of them performed in galego (Galician language).

Its programming is based on several strategic lines; these include rediscovering Galicia’s classic authors, works by contemporary Galician playwrights, the inclusion on the Galician theatre scene of plays by some of history’s greatest writers, as well as the promotion of children’s theatre and Galician drama outside our region. Its mission is develop galego on theater and develop our theater sector.

Centro Dramático Galego organises a lot of educational activities for schoolchildren, in addition to its intense publishing activity, with more than ten collections aimed at promoting Galician theatre and dramatic art. It works to bring the theater closer to more and more audiences, especially those who find it more difficult. It is the reason why it has developed a system to ensure that its programming is adapted for people who are hearing and visually impaired.

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