Productions Overview

Giving Minority Languages a voice 

We are searching for narratives to tell about the people in their minority language region. The stories are about and from people who live and work in remote regions of Europe and are written and developed in the respective minority language. Each theatre will commision one author to develop and write a play in their RML language. At the end will be 8 theatre productions that are giving

Minority Languages a European stage.

The developed texts need a stage to reach the widest possible audience. As different as the expected narratives will be, so different will be the stages (outreach / site-specific / digital) on which they are presented. Different formats support the goal of addressing the broadest possible audience in the communities and involving them both passively and actively in the use of their minority language. 

In addition to that one play of each theatre will develop a community co-creation based on that common working process.

Finally, we will have at each theatre one international theatre night of minority languages of the above-mentioned theatre productions with 2 international guests. In total it will be 16 international co-productions with a bi-lingual cast.

At the end of the project in July 2024 the community theatre pieces will be merged with all the others in one international (multilingual) Community Theatre co-production based on the joint creative work of all 8 Community Theatre groups.