Na tamnym boku měsačka – HERCY

On the far side of the moon

Play by Lubina Hajduk-Veljkovićowa

Director: Lutz Hillmann

Set & Costume design: Miroslaw Nowotny

Music: Tasso Schille

Video: Miroslaw Nowotny

Dramaturgy: Madlenka Scholze

Simultaneous Translation: Bernadett Schneider

Opening Night: 10th of February 2024, big stage

World premiere in Upper Sorbian with simultaneous translation into German.
At the end of the 1960s, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones conquered the world and everyone in Poland knew the beat band Czerwone Gitary. And in Lusatia, four young Sorbs full of dreams came together and wanted to become famous with their beat music. HERCY. In the middle of the space race – who would be the first on the moon? But the GDR had its own rules and there were strict limits to the desire for freedom. The government used sophisticated methods to control its citizens.
With resourcefulness and love for their Slavic neighbors, the young men went their own way until each of them reached (their) limits.
In this play, we draw on the repertoire of the time. From the music and personal memories of the Hercy band, we weave a story in which we look from Lusatia at the angry world and the tense relationship between East and West. The play was commissioned by the Foundation for the Sorbian People and created as part of the international European minority theater project “phōnē – Giving minority languages und voice”.