Noemi Rodriguez

Director, Playwright

Noemi is considered one of the greatest figures of the Spanish contemporary theater scene. Stage director, playwright, teacher and project advisor, in 2012, Noemi founded the awardwinning theater company Teatro En Vilo.
As a theater practitioner Noemi has worked professionally in many different countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, England, EE.UU, India or Italy.
Since 2010, she has directed and created plays for entities such as Centro Dramático Nacional, Centro Dramático Galego, Teatro de La Abadía, Teatro Price, Museo Grao Vasco or la Muestra de Teatro de Autores de España.
Her works have been seen in places as prestigious as the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, the BE Festival, Festival de Otoño, Festival de Olite, la MIT de Ribadavia, Festival Meet You de Valladolid, Teatros del Canal, Teatro Fernando Fernán Gómez, Centro Cultural Conde Duque or Teatro Arriaga.
Also she has lead workshops in acting, creativity, leadership, physical and devised theater, teaching at a number of universities including Oxford University, Pune University, Calicut University, the London International School of Performing Arts or Bologna University, and other institutions as CDN, La Caixa, CA2M, Lycee Francais of Istanbul, among others.
In 2019, she received the prestigious award Premio Ojo Crítico de Teatro.