Liat Farris Twaina


Liat  is a professional with a range of experience and skills that blend her passion for performing arts and counseling. She earned her BA degree in Theater from Tel Aviv University in the Performing Arts Department, where she gained a strong foundation in the theater arts. She also learned vocal music at the School of Core in Lavinsky Seminar. As a Belcanto singer, Leah has performed at international festivals including the International Film Festival, International Jewish Yiddish Festival, and International Sephardic Festival. She has also collaborated with cultural institutes such as the Argentinian Embassy, Spain Embassy, and Israel Embassy.

Alongside her music career, Leah has served as the head of the theatre department for matriculation tests in high school in Israel and is an experienced community theater director, having collaborated with municipal welfare and education organizations. In addition to her performing arts work, Leah is an education counselor with a Master of Education degree in counseling. She specializes in integrating students with learning disabilities into the classroom and offers cognitive behavioral therapy in her practice, helping students and families overcome a variety of issues. Leah is also a certified NLP coach and mediator, as well as a specialist in teaching Hebrew as a second language in the Loude- Reut school of Bucharest. With her diverse skill set and deep commitment to both the arts and counseling, Leah brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to any project or collaboration.

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