Romke Gabe Draaijer 


How malleable are humans? It’s one of the core themes of actor and theatre maker Romke Gabe Draaijer (1990), now 33 years old and living in Utrecht. The images and roles that we have assigned to ourselves, or which we are given by others; how do we relate to our ‘own’ authenticity and the dreams we have? His coming-out in 2017 was the start of a thorough questioning and search for himself, as a person and as an artist.


In September 2021 Draaijer started with the Master in Theater at the Toneelacademie in Maastricht. During the master he questions and develops his autonomous artistry on the basis of artistic research. Over the next two years, and with the support of Tryater, he will dive into the theme of being a LGBTIQ+’er in Fryslân, in which several art projects will work towards a final production in the summer of 2024.


He worked with big communities on so called “Iepenloftspullen” – theatre plays in the open air. And for Tryater,Rimini Protokoll, Theater Gnaffel and he’s the owner of his own theatre company Firma Draaijer&DeVries. or

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