Madlenka Šołćic

Dramaturge, Deputy Artistic Director for Sorbian Theatre

She grew up bilingual in Cunnewitz near Kamenz and now lives in Bautzen. She studied Sorbian studies and journalism in Leipzig and later dramaturgy at the University of Music and Theatre also in Leipzig. In 2003 she received her diploma in dramaturgy. Her career at Sorbian Radio began in 1999, with the founding of the Sorbian youth program Radio Satkula, in which she participated as a presenter. Later, she worked as a presenter and editor for Serbski rozhłós (MDR Sorbischer Rundfunk), while also authoring and directing several radio radio plays. She also worked for the Upper Sorbian television program Wuhladko, as well as being the author and director of the Sorbian children’s greeting Dobre ranje. Madlenka Scholze worked as a freelance dramaturge from 2008 and from 2010 she is permanently engaged at the German-Sorbian Folk Theater in Bautzen. Since 2011 she has been the deputy director for Sorbian theater.