Lubina Hajduk-Veljković


Born in 1976 in Bautzen, now lives in Leipzig. She studied Sorbian studies and history. She writes mainly prose for adults and children, but also radio plays, song lyrics and plays. She also works as a translator. Since 1998 she has published mainly in Upper Sorbian, sometimes together with her husband Dušan. Her last book for adults was her crime novel “Módre buny” (Blue Beans, Domowina Publishing House, Bautzen 2017), her latest horse book “Chaos w konjencu” (Chaos in the Horse Stable, Domowina Publishing House, Bautzen 2022) will be published soon. Since 2021, she and her son Branko have been publishing their own children’s books under the Veles Publishing label in many Slavic and other languages.

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