Tjeerd Bischoff 


Tjeerd Bischoff (1961) is a playwright and a former actor who graduated at the Amsterdam School of Drama at 1987.

Together with playwright-director Jeroen van den Berg he founded Toneelgroep Jan Vos (2013) The company produces site specific theatre productions. Their first production Mansholt, about the Dutch EU commissioner agriculture Sicco Mansholt, was selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival 2014 (a festival which presents the highlights of the former season).

In the summer of 2018 Koning van het Grasland (King of the meadows) was performed at farms across the Netherlands. In the winter of 2018 Toneelgoep Jan Vos presented Tjeerd’s play GAS, about the exploitation of the biggest European gas field, situated in Groningen, which resulted in a catastrophe for the region. This production was selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival 2019.

In 2020 Grond was performed, a love-story about a journalist and a farmer. In 2022 Toneelgroep Jan Vos presented Fortuyn, a play about the rise of populism at the start of this century and the assassination of politician Pim Fortuyn.

Earlier work of his was staged by Toneelgroep Dorst, Tryater, Onafhankelijk Toneel, Huis aan de Amstel, Wederzijds, Kwatta, de Wetten van Kepler en de Toneelmakerij. He wrote educational programs for the Rijksmuseum and the Tropenmuseum and teaches at the School for Writers in Amsterdam.



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