Rafael Rey Domech

Director, Actor, Playwright

RAFAEL REY DOMECH (Teo, 1997) is a director, actor, and also playwright of the company NAUTA that he founded in 2020 with Mathias Rodriguez, formed with members from galicia and france, and mixing physical theater with masks, live music and puppets.

From a young age he discovers the world of puppetry and theater thanks to his parents company Titeres Cachirulo. He trained at the Pábulo School of Performing Arts in Santiago de Compostela and in 2015 he decided to move to Madrid where he trained at the Jorge Eines Interpretation School and graduated from the International Mime School and Gestual Theater Nouveau Colombier. His encounter with the pedagogy of Jaques Lecoq at the hands of Arturo Bernal encouraged him to further his training in Brussels. Graduated from the École Internationale de théâtre LASSAAD (2017-2019) he specializes in theatre and movement under the direction of Lassaâd Saïdi and Norman Taylor. He is part of the organization of the Galicreques International Puppet Festival (Galicia) where his interest is to deepen and investigate the world of puppetry, generating activities and meeting spaces for this art.

Nowadays he builds the puppets, masks of his company and gives workshops of movement theatre and puppetry.